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Java Reflection and Introspection example, Populating Dojo Filtering Selects.

Reflection and Introspection Reflection and Introspection are advanced java topics often utilized when building Java Web frameworks.  New developers tend to find reflection concepts difficult to fully understand.  In this example I will show off a very basic example of reflection used to reduce boiler plate code for populating Dojo filtering selects. This also has […]

Always Programming to an interface.

With Java, Programming to an interface is often useful and a very common design pattern.  It can make it easier to change code and create different implementations in the future, minimizing impacts to a current implementation.  From my experience though, programming to an interface just to program to an interface is overkill, overkill, overkill.  A […]

Assigning Form query parameters to JS variables, using EL instead of scriptlets.

Scriptlets are against my moral fibers, but people still insist on using them like it’s 2002. Liferay is still currently FULL of them as well. One thing I often find myself doing is mapping properties to JS variables.

1.6 Dojo Grid Selection with xhr Post To Liferay 6.0.6 Portlet

Spent some time trying to figure out how to post to a Liferay portlet. Although it’s not inherently difficult it can be if you have never done it before and are still learning all about portlets. I really prefer doing this kind of thing using Spring 3 MVC, or restful services, but in this case […]

JPA 2.0 Mapping Many to Many

As with many things there is often more than one way to accomplish a task in code.  The example below demonstrates a simple example of how to map a many to many relationship using JPA 2.0, followed by a slightly more complex but more flexible way to do the same thing.. First things first though. […]